Why is your child too late could talk?

Too late could talk is the issue most often complained of parents towards the child. Generally children are late to talk can be caused by many factors, such as the development of the disorder factor talk, hearing impairment, intellectual disability or because of the lack of communication from parents

A child is classed a child late talk if he was up to 2 or 3 years but yet can also speak fluently or can only utter words pieces only

The following is the cause of the son of late talk that you should know, including:

– -Have hearing problems When children have difficulty in hearing, automatically it causes difficulty imitating children, understand, and use the language. Hearing problems in children is usually caused by ear infections

Child brain development barriers slow talk, usually there are disorders of the oral-motor areas in the brain that results in deficiency of relations in the area of the brain that serves to generate talk. This condition can lead children trouble using lips, tongue, and jaw to produce sound
The existence of a problem too late talking Children’s descendants could also be influenced by heredity. Although there has been no research that can attest to its truth, but it’s usually a slow child talk turns out to have a family history of misbehaving

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