What should be done by parents when Fever in kids

Our children are suffering once when stricken with fever in kids. Flu fever is a type of fever that often occurs in children and toddlers. Toddlers can ride down the child’s temperature is fever accompanied by coughs colds between 5 to 12 times a year with a longer period of time compared adults. Whereas, adult flu or colds only about 2 to 4 times a year with a little more time and most are accompanied by fever
The flu or colds occur due to acute  infection that attacks the upper respiratory system, nose and throat. Though it seems trivial, we need to know the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of fever in kids

What causes fever in kids ?

Fever in kids caused by a viral infection.  coronavirus viruses, adenoviruses, human parainfluenza viruses (HPIV), and respiratory syncytial (RSV)

The spread of the virus cause this fever in kids can quickly through a variety of ways, including:
1. The transmission directly.

When a hand touches other people, and other people touching eyes, nose, or ears with parts of the body exposed to the virus, then the virus will be transmitted.
a virus can move through the air by people infected with the virus and coughs. The virus is then issued to the air through a process of cough inhaled by others. Transmission can also directly through the hands of people who are stricken with a cold virus that store. The virus can survive on hands for 3 hours

2. The transmission of virus Indirectly
Indirectly, not through the cold and flu sufferers.
Healthy people who touch the objects, they will be exposed to someone infected this virus.
This transmission if the virus is found in the tables, doorknobs,  and so on, can survive for about 2 to 3 hours

The symptoms of fever in kids, if our child is stricken with the virus incubation period flu fever cause about 2 to 3 days, after two to three days, then the sufferer will feel symptoms of the disease.  toddlers are more susceptible to the flu, because their bodies are still build the system of the durability of a body that has not been perfect. The symptoms of a fever that bodes fever in kids are:

– Nasal mucus or snot.
Frequent sneezing and coughing Sneezing and coughing sometimes removing existing virus in respiratory tract, then sneezes should shy away from other people. Wear a mask if you are sick or close to the sick person

Nasal congestion so that breathing becomes congested.
The voice becomes hoarse, some not even voiced a few days Children ride down fever headaches Reduced the power of smell and taste so appetite diminishes the ear Pain and watery eyes muscle Body feel tired than normal days

– Treatment and care fever in kids.
For fever if your child fever but no vomiting or diarrhea, it will still need to be fluid. Offer frequent SIPs juicee fruit, diluted Gatorade or milk, said Dr. Peterson. Apple sauce, soup, and fruit (fresh or canned) also contains a lot of liquid

Even if your child’s fever did not taste, some options may be of interest. Try: Apple topped with a few raisins and a little cinnamon sugar; cold, canned peaches, served over vanilla sundae style, frozen yogurt; wheat cream flavored with vanilla extract and maple syrup a little; and topped off with club soda cold cran-raspberry juice

Although fever in kids belongs to a harmless disease, remain in need of good care. Moreover, children who are still babies and toddlers often cranky if you’re suffering from a cold. Some of the treatment and care that can be done :

Drinking Cure is recommended to drink a febrifuge agency within the safe like paracetamol. To cure coughs and colds are not given in children under 2 years of age except with a doctor’s prescription. Don’t forget, not to give the drug an adult with small doses to children. Antibiotics also avoided even with the doctor’s prescription, except with fever symptoms to look out for

– The rest enough
For fever in kids medicines just alleviate the symptoms being experienced is not a cure. Enough rest a lot more helpful than drugs. Children who sleep with the flu conditions also should not be built for drinking cure. Taking medication if necessary, wait until the child is awake and on the period of drinking  if it is missed

-It is recommended to drink
plenty of other such as fever, feverinkids can lead to dehydration. Children will feel thirsty. Encourage children to drink as often as possible so that the fluids and minerals the body always stay balanced

-A nourishing meal.
A nutritious meal is needed for healing. Better than drinking a vitamin cure. Now it’s a lot of food to fever in kids which can be tried and delicious taste. So that the child will return appetite

How to prevent fever in kids?

Because flu-fever virus is transmitted easily, then make it a habit to cover my nose if sneezing or coughing. It also gives a sense to always covered  nose or cough. In addition, always wash your hands after playing and before eating and eating nutritious foods to keep your body’s endurance, is prevention

Hopefully this article useful and our children are spared from fever in kids and its causes. Thank you


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