What is the age of the child began to grow teeth

Age 9-16 months.

The next tooth is a tooth will appear next to the upper front incisors, then the teeth on the side of the lower incisors followed. Tooth usually appears top and bottom pairs, two to the right and two on the left

Dentition children aged 14 months.

At this age, the first molars start appearing in the mandible and maxilla at the same time. However, some babies have had molars at age 12 months and there is also a new show at the age of 15 months.

Age 18 months canines began to appear at this age, both upper canines or canines. Rise of the canines may vary between children, from the age of 16 months to 22 months

The age of 24 months.

At the age of 24 months, the second molars at the back of the lower jaw have already begun to appear. Then followed the second molars on upper jaw began to appear at the age of 26 months. The growth of teeth varies, some are slower or faster, between the ages of 20-33 month.

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