What is the age of the child began to grow teeth

Primary Teeth
Primary Teeth

Normally new parents panic when the little one hasn’t revealed the signs could talk or see the growth of teeth in their mouth.

Dentition in children began to grow  at the age of about six to eight months. Such growth would be perfect until the age of around 2.5 to three years

Baby Teeth baby teeth growth appears on the age varies between babies. There are baby teeth have already appeared at an early age and there is also a baby tooth growth later. Although different, the growth of the baby teeth generally took place at almost the same age.

Following are the stages of growth of teeth when a baby

5 months of age

Most babies start teething at this age. However, some babies may begin to grow teeth in the early age, i.e. 4 months, or a few also have a slower growth of teeth, at the age of 6 or 7 months. At the moment, the new baby’s teeth begin to appear, your baby’s gums will probably swell and redness

The age of 6 months.

At the age of 6 months or about 5-7 months, baby first teeth have started to appear. The first teeth usually appear there are two front incisors in the lower jaw. Both these teeth can appear together. At a time when baby teeth have already appeared, you could have baby teeth cleaning by means of wipe it with a clean cloth after the baby suckle

Age 7 months.

Next at the age of 7 months, the front two incisors in the upper jaw appear. Most of the babies may experience growth of teeth around the age of 6-8 this month. At this age the baby can also be fed solid food.

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