One of the causes of bad breath are common found are cavities or other infections. The process of tooth decay occurs due to the interaction between teeth, saliva, food scraps, and bacteria. The incidence of cavities increase along with the increase of age.

The process of demineralisasi takes place on a network of progressive hard email which is the outermost surface of the tooth. This process is caused by the interaction between the leftovers and bacteria in the mouth, which then produce lactic acid which can lower the pH of the mouth. If not treated, the damage will be continued on a second layer of teeth namely the dentin, and then get to the pulpa space which contains nerves and blood vessels. Teeth and gums will feel sick can experience swelling

Halitosis, or bad breath is not hearty is a condition where a person produces unpleasant breath odor from the mouth. “Morning Breath” who owned most of the wake-up time is not halitosis. Halitosis is also not the same as breath odor generated five minutes after you eat foods that contain a lot of exotic spices. Halitosis is actually smell the breath of a stubborn does not disappear even though it has brushed his teeth, flossing and gargling. The smell of your breath is not a joy to be able to make somebody feel inadequate and ashamed, even many sufferers who are not admitted on the dentist that they experience it. But this is something that is commonplace, and therefore very likely can be treated.

The bacteria can be attached to a hard surface such as the enamel of the tooth. If they are not removed, they can proliferate and grow in great numbers and form colonies.

The longer if not cleaned, bacteria can be mixed with saliva or saliva that would lead to the emergence of a whitish colour film that clings to teeth which normally we call plaque. And it was the beginning of the cause why the tooth can be perforated

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