What causes dental caries?

Dental caries is an infectious disease that is damaging to the structure of the tooth. This disease causes cavities. If left untreated, the disease can lead to pain, tooth infection, calendar, various cases of dangerous, and even death

Dental caries caused by two main factors:
The bacteria in your mouth and the high sugar levels in food. Have a bacteria in the mouth is perfectly reasonable. The combination of bacteria, food and saliva is forming plaque.  next time, dental cavities formed when bacteria in the plaque and tartar transform sugar into acids. The plaque on the acid erodes enamel on the outside of the teeth in minerals that are hard. This erosion causes tiny holes in the enamel of the tooth

The cause of dental caries: dental care. If you do not brush or clean with dental floss daily to remove plaque.
Certain carbohydrates, such as fruit drinks, sodas, desserts, candy and cake causes dental caries.
Acidic foods and beverages increase the risk of dental caries, like lemon, soda, energy drinks and fruit juices

Stomach acid. This causes stomach acid to rise and hit with teeth, which can lead to dental caries.
Not enough fluorine. Fluor, a natural substance containing minerals, helps prevent holes and can repair early tooth decay stages.
Too little saliva in the mouth. Saliva helps clean up the remains of food from the teeth and reduces bacteria in the mouth that cause decay
Soon do the treatment, if left unchecked, would grow and caries can reach room pulpa, namely cavity in the tooth that contains a network of nerves and blood vessels. When the room has reached pulpa, the process of inflammation that cause throbbing pain. Eventually, bacterial infection can lead to death of the tissue in the room pulpa and infection may spread to the bone tissue supporting the teeth, so that it can happen to abscess

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