The Normal Body Temperature for Babies

Normal Body Temperature for Babies

have a low grade temperature if the temperature ranges from 37 up to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Low grade fever is not considered, but may be caused because the baby is dressed too thick, the heat, the blanket too thick, the temperature of the heat in the car, as well as wrapped too tight. If your baby has a temperature of low grade, can try to open the bedongan babies, replacing it with clothes and blankets that are thinner

If the baby’s temperature between 37.5 to 38 degrees, the baby is said to have a temperature increase. This can be caused by the baby’s condition is not too healthy or the side effects of immunization. This condition does not require a remedy unless the temperature is on the rise. Infants can be decompressed with warm water to lower the temperature and avoid clothes that are thick

The baby’s temperature rises of more than 38 degrees Celsius indicate baby is said to be a fever, this can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. If the baby’s fever, it’s important to see a doctor for medical treatment given the remedy.

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