The Normal Body Temperature for Babies

Where the normal Normal Body Temperature for Babies measure?

Baby body parts which could be a place to put the thermometer is armpits, mouth and anus. However, lately, technology advanced, so that the thermometer the thermometer can be placed in the ear and forehead. It’s just that, a glass thermometer is not at all advisable to put in your mouth baby. Because if it is broken then the mercury will be dangerous in infants. And do not measure the temperature of the body through the anus without assistance officer

The FUNCTION of the normal body temperature for babies

Body temperature can be used as an indicator to find out someone’s health condition because our bodies will always try to keep the temperature.
for all organs of the body can function properly

If the baby has a high body temperature, it is advisable not to drop him off too quickly. Anything like baby soak in a bath of cold can make the baby to shiver. Shivering can increase the temperature of the baby’s body in the process of shivering can produce heat. However, if the baby is too small, babies do not have the ability to shiver but a baby would be easy sleepy and has no desire to breastfeed

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