The influence of Games Online for kids


The development of technology makes it easy for children to access  informations that they want very quickly through the internet connections. The online game is one of that can be accessed by children easily. Gameonline is a game that connects the players via an internet connections. Online game development can not be separated from the development of the game from generation to generation. The first generation of the game was the Atari 2600, This game is a great game that release year 1977 better known as VCS (Video Computer System),. then again the second generation game comes with the Atari 7800 in 1986, and then the third generation appears again NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The fourth generation is a playstation game to current generation i.e. online game that comes with internet connections such as counter strike game, age of empires, the clash of clans, and others

The game changes from generation to generation very influential towards the players often called the gamers, the gamers vying to own and play online games that they enjoy doing it.

Influential online game  for people who play the game, one of which is children because they always spend time playing games online. Kids now have been familiarized with the gadgets to play games online, this is the fault of the parents
Parents of those who may only want to show compassion to children by providing a variety of facilities such as sophisticated gadgets, indirectly but parents have taught the negative things to the child that can interfere with the child’s development later in the day.
Online games can give a negative influence on child development, the influence of the highly visible is the child will forget the time and spend countless hours to play games online, the child will be addicted to play games online so that the child will have a desire to play continuously, as a result of the child will experience eye disorders such as the minus due to always look to the screen of the computer and other gadgets. Other negative influences is an online game can undermine the moral and social behavior of the child, because the child will have a selfish attitude, being stubborn, lightly, and children will be shut away from the outside world so that rarely interact with other people.
Children also become lazy doing physical activities like sports, to result inweght gain in children. In addition online games also make doing crime for example steal to just play online games that require a fee to pay for the internet connection

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