The Hygiene of the oral cavity.

Oral hygiene is an oral treatment with or without the use of an antiseptic to meet one needs personal hygiene. In a simple Oral hygiene may use clean water, warm and mature. Oral hygiene can do together at the time of the other body hygiene care such as bathing, brushing my teeth

Oral Hygiene (oral hygiene) is implementing the hygiene of the oral cavity, tongue from all the dirt/food scraps by using gauze or cotton swab moistened with clean water

Teeth and mouth are members of the body that are often exploited by bad bacteria to cause various health disorders. However, some people still ignore the importance of maintaining cleanliness of the body. Are you one of them?

If Yes, we recommend you immediately fix the bad habit. This is because the oral hygiene is not maintained properly can cause a variety of health disorders:

– Inflammation of the gums.

In dentistry, Gingivitis is called gingivitis. This is a condition when the gums look swollen and have a more red color than usual


Marked by the appearance of the blood at the time of brushing your teeth. This condition can arise due to the presence of plaque and Tartar that stick and accumulate on the gums

Gingivitis will get worse if not immediately dealt with appropriately. The condition can lead to more severe complications, that periodontitis gum inflammation that causes serious damage to soft tissues and bone supporting the teeth.

-Dental caries.

Caries is the emergence of a hole in a tooth caused by bacteria. This disease is a disorder of the oral cavity are the most common among the public

Dental caries have to overcome, by patching or pull teeth, depending on the conditions. If not, the holes gradually arise will be more spacious and deep, so that it can damage the teeth and cause infection in the tooth root canal.

-Sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth caused by the decline in the position of the gums. This circumstance can occur due to the habit of toothbrushes, dental caries are not addressed properly, broken teeth, and tooth bleaching process side effects

Sensitive teeth can cause dull pain dental complaints, rheumatic pain, or feel pain, especially when food or drink cool.

-Bad breath.

Bad breath or halitosis is generally derived from the health of the oral cavity are not maintained properly. This condition can also occur as a result of cavities, tartar buildup, or wearing of dentures that are not cleaned regularly

Whereas, if you are typical of people who are very health and hygiene of the oral cavity but still having bad breath, it could be the condition caused by systemic diseases that cause obstruction of the respiratory or digestive system.


Almost every person never had thrush. You too, isn’t it? Yes, disorders of the oral cavity of this one could happen to children, adults, the elderly even though

Thrush is caused by a declining body endurance, injuries of the mouth due to accidentally be bitten, the wearing of dentures is not appropriate, as well as lack of supply of vitamin B 12.

Thrush generally could disappear within 2 – 3 weeks. If frequent repetitive or don’t recover in time more than a month, you should immediately saw a doctor

That’s some of the health problems that can happen if you don’t keep clean teeth and mouth thoroughly. Though seem trivial, in fact the above complaint can interfere with Your enjoyment while eating and activity. If you do not want to experience it, begin to preserve the health of the oral cavity from now on.

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