Recognize the first symptoms of Baby fever

Baby Fever
Temperature of Baby Fever

Fever indeed worrying parents, however, recognize the first symptoms of fever in infants with this step.
Use the right thermometer to know temperature your Baby Fever.
If infants aged less than 6 months, use a rectal thermometer because the ear canal of the baby is still small so that the body temperature is inaccurate

How temperature a baby fever?

The American Academy of Pedriatics (AAP) States that the normal temperature in a baby that is between 36-38 ° C . Infants who experience fevers have a body temperature over 38 ° C Should call a doctor?
If baby fever under 3 months, contact your pediatrician as soon as possible.
Because of fever in infants aged 3 months down could mean serious infections, the AAP recommends that to go to the doctor if the baby was 3-6 month with a body temperature of 38 ° C or more
Well, according to Associations of Pediatricians (IDAI) Indonesia, a baby fever should be brought to a doctor if:
children Age less than 3 months without looking at the circumstances of the child generally children aged 3-36 months fever more than 3 days or there are signs of danger children aged 3-36 month with a high fever (≥ 39 ° c)
The child must consult to a doctor as soon as possible if found signs of danger as follows: Not responding or hard-raised or breathing difficulties can not move lips, tongue and claws appear bluish hollowed out of eyes. There stiffness in Neck Pain head great abdominal pain or vomiting there is a rash or spots like purplish-colored bruises did not want to eat or drink and look too weak to drink continuously Crying

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