Pain due to infection of the nerves of the teeth

Expression of toothache pain more than heartache is often used as a portrayal of the pain experienced when teeth bolong or perforated. Experts say a very very pain occurs due to an infection or tooth nerve commonly referred to as infection among medical pulpa.

Dental root canal treatment is a procedure that aims to overcome the damage of tooth cavities, as well as to treat the infection and decay in the area

Root canal tooth is a cavity in the middle part of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves. Nerve fibres found on the teeth cavities do not have other functions besides the sensorial functions, i.e. to sense the temperature of hot or cold food.

Indication of root canal treatment of tooth root canal treatment tooth needs to be done if the following symptoms:

-Pain when eating or drinking hot and cold water.
-The tooth feels loose.
-Pain at the time of biting or chewing.
Any of these symptoms is a sign of the onset of infection in a tooth cavity can often be detected through x-rays. Cavities teeth will begin to experience decay and damage caused by a bacterial infection

If left untreated, infections can grow worse, however symptoms of early infection above will disappear due to the death of dental cavities.

The tooth has three layers, namely the enamel, dentin, and pulpa. In part, there are teeth pulpa of blood vessels and nerves. When the dead nerves and blood vessels don’t drain the blood on the tooth, then the teeth tooth tooth dead or is not vital

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