Orthodontic Treatments

About dental care, alert to the users need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the Stirrup of his teeth.

The reason, the process of cleaning the tooth the less maximum will potentially give rise to white spots that will lead to caries or tooth hole
So users have to add braces to the frequency of brushing teeth at least twice a day or suggested after eating and paying attention to the correct way of brushing your teeth to prevent a buildup of leftovers

Due to mounting Stirrup oral cavity being filled so difficult while cleaning teeth and oral cavity so need toothpaste designed using feather brushes V-cut and a small brush heads

The design of the V-cut is a combination of specific pieces and extra soft bristles that are able to clean between the teeth and the wire thoroughly.

Small brush head facilitates movement of the brush so that it becomes more freely in the mouth and reaching out to the back teeth

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