Mefenamic acid for toothache

Mefenamic acid for toothache a toothache is pain or pain around the teeth may be caused by cavities, dental tooth fracture, swelling, tooth grinding, or infection of the gums. In addition to the pain, other symptoms that you might feel when experiencing a toothache is swollen around the teeth, fever, and headache. To relieve these symptoms, then you need to take medication. One of the remedies for a toothache is mefenamic acid

Mefenamic acid is a potent anti-inflammatory nonsteroid medications group which works to reduce the pain and inflammation of the bone and muscle problems, including tooth pain. This medication works by inhibiting substance siklo-oksigenase work involved in the production of various chemicals in the body, one of which was the prostaglandins. These prostaglandins are produced when Your body injury, disease, or certain conditions that cause pain, inflammation, and swelling

Work by inhibiting substances siklo – oksigenase, then the production of prostaglandins also hampered. So, the pain caused by prostaglandins will also be reduced. Therefore, mefenamic acid can help reduce the pain you are feeling because of toothache. Typically, mefenamic acid for toothache are available in the form of tablets and syrup
Dry mouth can be a side effect of various drugs, trouble in the salivary glands, exhale through the mouth. When experiencing nasal congestion conditions, generally children will breathe through the mouth, and the condition causes the bacteria to proliferate and cause bad breath in children.
Food. Spicy foods and foods that smell and taste that have stung, like onion and garlic, can also cause bad breath in children.

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