Know the symptoms of your child’s teeth healthy

Oral CARE on a regular basis is a major component in keeping a healthy smile and bright. Healthy teeth can really change the mindset became more positive, and not only improve the health of your mouth but also your body.

There are a few criteria that could show if your teeth including healthy or not

The top of the tooth remain intact. There are no holes or grooves that make it feel rough when touched.
Free plaques. White teeth and no stains here and there as well as free from plaque is one sign of healthy teeth.
Do not shake. For children, the shake is a sign if she will get bigger. But for adult teeth shake equal to the problem. Healthy teeth it is strong and will not shake one bit

There is no gap in between the teeth. The position of the teeth always meeting and berhimpitan, but none other than stack. If your teeth are a mess better soon addressed to confidence when smiling wide.
Fresh breath. Bad breath could be unpleasant omen if teeth are problematic. Not only that, the not fresh breath means mouth filled with bacteria and germs which must be immediately cleaned up

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