It Should Be Noted That Children’s Dental Health

Children Teeth Anatomy
Children Teeth Anatomy

Problems of the teeth is often felt by all people, especially children, knowing only the usual little ones yet understand about maintaining dental health and dental hygiene need to help parents to keep children’s dental health so that children’s teeth were not damaged and pose a health problem. However, to avoid the occurrence of dental problems in older children should parents must know first the kind of damage that occurs in children’s teeth.
There are some dental problems That often experienced following child

A. cavities.

Any hole formed in the bigger and if left. The main cause of cavities is itself dental factors, carbohydrates or foods that are sticky, and plaque or bacteria.
Occurs because the habits of children often consume sweets and chocolate and not brushing my teeth with regular.
Cavities occur if any one of the parts or whole tooth is infected with bacteria and teeth become damaged when the combination of continuing it ever triggers a hole in a tooth

Perforated teeth need to be patched immediately, before spreading to other parts of the teeth. You as a parent can check the child’s teeth regularly. In addition, bring the child to the dentist since the age they were one year old. Thus, the dentist will be more versed in helping you reduce your risk of cavities in children issues

B. Dental Porous.

Children like to drink from the dot? Be careful, because these habits if done too often able to make teeth be porous. Because the affected teeth will keep sugar from drinks such as milk, juice, or else that tastes sweet.

If left well enough alone, the child will make porous his pain because it is difficult to chew. In addition, the milk teeth quickly damaged also affect the growth of their teeth when mature. To prevent it, the trick is quite simple, do not often let children drink in the dot when sleeping. Then, always clean the mouth every time they eat and drink.

C. Drug Drugs Cause dental caries.

For some children who suffered from certain diseases, drugs they consume also serves the cause of dental caries. Because the drugs inside turns out to contain a fairly high sugar levels.
One way to prevent dental caries due to drugs is to choose the type of sirop who use xylitol as artificial sweeteners. Because these sweeteners are not too stoked on dental caries as sugar in General.

D. Dental Injuries.

Injury to the teeth also often occur in children. The cause among others was due to a fall, sports, until the crash
Dental injuries that could be handled quickly are most likely able to save the tooth. But if the tooth date, children can have trouble teeth growth during the next few years.

If the child suffered injuries to the teeth, calm them. Clean the blood flowing, then avoid touching the roots of the teeth. Clean carefully but do not get rubbed it. After that immediately to the nearest dentist for further handling

E. Teeth Prematurely.

Premature teeth usually caused by the presence of holes, injuries, or the narrowness of the jaw on the baby. If primary teeth remove adult teeth emerge, before the teeth around it will probably shift. So when the adult teeth eventually appears, its growth is not perfect, for example, crooked or skewed. Of course it raises new problems such as difficulty chewing or joint pain in the jaw.

If a tooth dislodged prematurely, the dentist was the right person to directly asked for help. They will probably recommend special plastic or metal device to let the empty spaces on the teeth that have been dislodged so that the adult teeth have a place when it grows

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