Identification, prevention, and Treatment as the restoration of dental caries in children

Restore balance is the process that occurs in an environment of salami mouth healthy. This process depends on the identification of the disease process When a child is identified with high risk of caries, oral environment and prevention of caries should be immediately refund the balance. These children should be given care by using materials that can restore the balance of the oral cavity

Relationship between diet with caries has been widely researched. But the diet itself does not cause caries. The foods that contain substances can cause acid erosion and demineralisasi. Foods that are potentially the cause of caries are foods that contain carbohydrates that can be fermented

Mouth plaque bacteria use carbohydrate that can be fermented in the metabolism of glikositik acid to produce materials that can restore the balance of the oral cavity are broad. Bacteria are associated with an increased risk of caries. Antimicrobial can help increase a community of critical components can represent biofilms in oral environment restore balance

Solution of super saturation of calcium and phosphate in the saliva is the first mechanism in the slow demineralisasi, while the addition of fluorine minerals in precipitation increase lesion sub surface

Daily use of low doses of fluorine is required, this can be achieved by using toothpaste containing fluorine and sodium fluoride mouthwash on sale free. The use of fluorine varnish has been proven beneficial in inhibiting demineralisasi teeth, but less evident on the process of remineralisasi. Other studies mention that remineralisasi successfully when the fluoride varnish or other materials that release large amounts of fluorine is placed on top of the initial email lesions

More than 80% of cases of restoration in dentistry involving primary caries associated with oklusal surface, so that the surface of the oklusal are at greater risk. The outer surface of the molar eruption new apatite crystals containing carbonation of immature. Krital-the more soluble crystalline acidic compared against email Matura after the eruption. The surface of immature email is often more susceptible because of poor oral hygiene and acid

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