Identification, prevention, and Treatment as the restoration of dental caries in children

The identification of the criteria of high risk for children include one or more of the following
dental caries: caries, early email on multiple areas (white spot lesion), the plaque visible on
the anterior teeth, the picture shows the radiographic caries high titer against email,
Streptococcus mutans (SM), the use of orthodontic, and the presence of hypoplasia of the email
Other children can be incorporated into high risk are children ever done application fluorine topically, children who consume confectionery and food cariogenic more than three times a day, mothers with caries-active, children with the needs specifically, and conditions that interfere with the composition and flow of saliva

Prevention there is strong scientific evidence to the effect that in order to prevent caries, there are several factors that must be changed, i.e. diet, oral hygiene, fluorine and fisur silen.
2 the environment of the oral cavity in fluid. It is caused by biofilms biofilm community which fluctuate constantly, but it can be manipulated so that it becomes a healthy oral environment by way of restoring the balance in the oral cavity

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