How To Prevent Obesity


Characteristics of natural child is moving. Since birth, he moves while learning to face-down, crawling, and walking. Indeed only the larger natural pattern restricts parents often these children and would prefer if his son was silent, “said dr. Titi.

For that he invite a parent in order to cultivate the habit of actively moving again.

Kids do physical activity can be done in stages, ranging from mild, moderate, to severe. In children, they advised 60 menit  doing physical activity

we have to always tries to give an example of a pattern of healthy eating and physical activity on both her son.

“Activity outside the home has become a mandatory activity in our family. Lucky now we stay in Bali so much outdoor activity that can be done, ranging from hiking, to the beach, or playing kites, “he said.

According to dr. Titi, parents must be actively involved principally physical and activity is fun for the children

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