Factors that play a role in tooth eruption

Factors that play a role in tooth eruption :

  1.  Addition of the length of the roots of the teeth.
    – The eruption began at a time when the roots begin to form.
    – Root led to the addition of Lengthening the distance between the Crown and the root ends of the growing root
    – Grown compactly by the bone underneath it then the Crown of the tooth will be pushed in the direction of the oral cavity due to the formation of new bone the results of the apposition placed between the tip of the root is being developed by the bony buffer below
  2.  the growth of apical foramen pulpa teeth during the still wide open. Teeth move from socket hand with very short pulses of arterial volume change locally so that it can produce a slight movement of the teeth. This mechanism is usually influenced by hormonal activity that regulates both blood pressure or fluid network.
  3. Deposition of cementum on the root surface
  4. The contraction of cells composed of periodontal ligament on oblik can also be pushing gear from socket.
    5. Reabsorb bones by cells of the alveoli osteoklast, so the road becomes more free.
    6. The formation of new bone in aposisi by osteoblast cells on the walls of the alveoli

– According to a Mjor Fejerskov (1991) and the movement of the burgeoning Crown just might occur if accompanied by bone remodeling that form the surrounding kriptus.
– Remodeling was performed by osteoklast and osteoblast. Osteoklast there are many on the surface of the walls of the kriptus intended by the movement of the tooth that is growing, while there is a lot of osteoblast on the surface of kriptus who shunned the Crown develop
– Bone Reabsorb  by osteoklast will pave the way for developing the Crown moves from within the jaw bone towards oklusal.
– Before reaching the plain of oklusal, the teeth will move from its place is evolving in the direction of insisal in sequence through the bone that covered it, the lamina propia and epithelium

– The movement of the tooth toward the oklusal accompanied by a number of interrelated events.

• First, at the beginning of the eruption happened also the developmental process of an unfinished root accompanied by the development of period

• second, reabsorb, the bone is regulated by follicle dentis to pave the way the teeth eruption will be.

– This process begins with the insertion of the mononuklear cells that accumulate on the follicle dentis covering one third of the Crown of the tooth

–  This monocyte cells migrate to the surface of the bone then joined each other and berdeferensiasi be osteoklast who later required to process bone resorbsi (Mjor and Fejerskov, 1991; Wise et al., 2000; Koch and Poulsen, 2001).

• Third, at the time of the developing root then there should be a bone modeling on fundus kriptus to form the roots and place the socket give bond for the periodontal ligaments that surround the root

 root Growth at a time when the eruption took part gives the strength to push the teeth toward the axial.
• Fourth, fibrous connective tissue reabsorb, the lamina propria of the gingiva on teeth eruption path. This was followed by fibrogenesis and remodeling of the connective tissue that causes the development of gingival fiber system dento at the root of the coronal eruption of teeth
• Fifth, she made her way to penetrate the epithelium of the dental Crown that will close the eruption which was followed by the development of epithelial and  sulcus (Mjor and Fejerskov, 1991)

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