Dental Caries

Until now, caries is still the good health problems in developed countries and in the countries (SKRT, 2004).
This disease causes cavities. If left untreated, the disease can lead to pain, dislodged teeth, infection, many cases are dangerous, and even death. The increase in the prevalence of caries heavily influenced the change of the pattern of eating.
Today, dental caries has been a disease that spread around the world (Haris and Cristin, 1995)

b. Factors cause dental caries.

The etiology or cause of caries over the primary cause factor directly affecting biofilm (a thin layer on the surface of normal teeth derived from saliva) and indirect modification factors affecting biofilm. Caries occur not because of one incident just like any other infectious disease but due to a series of processes that occurred during some period of time. Dental caries caused by 4 factors or components interacting that is a component of teeth and saliva components of microorganisms that are present in the mouth, food components and the components of the time (Isyro’in and Andamoyo, 2012) in 1960 ‘s by Keyes and Jordan (in Harris and Christen, 1995), caries disease is expressed as multifaktorial i.e. the existence of a number of factors which are the cause of the formation of caries

There are three main factors that play a role that is the host or host factors, agents or microorganisms, substrate or diet and plus the time factor, which is described as the three circles overlap-bertumpang. For the occurrence of caries, then the condition of each of these factors should support each other i.e. a vulnerable host, the kariogenik microorganisms, substrate and a long time

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