Dengue Fever, Symtoms Causes and Treatments.

In this phase, in fact in our bodies a very dangerous process of occured i.e. decline in number of cells for blood clotting (platelets) accompanied by injury to the lining of blood vessels. Injury of blood vessels which will eventually cause leakage of blood vessels so that the fluid in the blood vessels going to seep into the surrounding tissues

In this condition a patient has to be taken to hospital or to a nearby hospital. At this critical phase can occur because of the danger of leaks of various blood vessels that can make other organs such as the lungs are compromised. In addition on this phase can also happen to bleeding in various internal organs, including the brain in a very life threatening. In this second phase of the dengue fever, the patient will slowly deteriorate condition characterized by awareness and decreased blood pressure

The healing phase.

we would already know that this phase is the last phase of the disease dengue fever. This healing phase usually occurs on the day of the 6th to the 7th day. The State of the patient at this phase will usually back stable

In some people who have experienced disease dengue fever with complications in the form of shock, after getting good care will also pass through this phase. In this phase, the body we will show improvement in the form of improvement of blood pressure, breathing, pulse and temperature decline is also back to normal. In this phase of the dengue fever, the patient typically already start Active back and slowly began to increase appetite

The third phase of the above different on everyone. Cases of dengue fever the most threatening kids because the process was a great blood vessels leak and not handled quickly and appropriately. To it for all of us especially for mothers who have children is very important to observe the kids if the’re fever

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