Dengue Fever, Symtoms Causes and Treatments.

Phases of dengue fever.

The first cycle of dengue fever is characterized by symptoms of fever. The fever caused by the disease dengue fever Dengue has symptoms such as Baby fever temperature sudden high fever, without a reason, lasting continuously for 2 to 7 days. But can this fever goes down on 3 day  5 day and then up again

In this phase, most people would have high fever for 3 days and with  head pain, pain behind eyeballs, muscle pain and joint pain also. In addition, in some cases will be mild to severe bleeding, such as rashes on the skin, nosebleed or bleeding gums, as well as gastrointestinal complaints like nausea and vomiting

All the symptoms that arise at that phase of this dengue fever is the result of our body’s defense system response against Dengue virus infection. Our bodies will form antibodies that would later cause inflammation throughout the body especially in blood vessels. In this condition, there are some possible dangers that can arise at any time

These conditions include dehydration or lack of fluid caused by increased body metabolism and because of the inflammatory process is happening. It is very vulnerable to occur mainly in children because their bodies are more made up of water. Additionally, in children may also occur the disease seizures caused by fever is too high

The critical phase.

In this phase, a Dengue dengue fever patients seemed to like better. This is shown by the fever down to normal, with sweat and reduced other symptoms as mentioned above. However, in a phase of dengue fever held on day 4 to day 5 this patient will feel her body getting limp

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