Causes of Fever in Infants

5. Sinusitis.

Sinusitis causes of Fever in infants, Sinusitis is the inflammation that occurs in the walls of the sinuses in the nasal cavity. Sinusitis is a common disease that can be contracted by people of all ages including children and infants. Generally, the symptoms of sinusitis are headache, high fever, stuffy nose and out the greenish yellow liquid, painful on the face when pressed, loss of sense of smell, and his breath smelled

The cause of sinusitis is swelling of the walls of the inside of the nose. Often this condition is caused by a virus of the flu or colds. For children generally, sinusitis caused by allergies, contracting by children who suffer from sinusitis, bad habits of using dot or drinking from a bottle in a State of lying, and lived in the area that is filled with smoke


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