Causes of Fever in Infants

3. Ear infection

Ear infection said that five of the six children will be infected ears before the child was three years old. Symptoms of a baby suffering from ear infections is he looks often pull at their ears, choosy, and crying is not as usual

Ear infections are a painful inflammation in the middle ear. This infection is very painful for the baby and make the disease more dangerous because babies can’t communicate. Ear infections usually recover by itself without giving any medication

However if your baby aged 6 – 24 months and have symptoms such as above, the watch keeps her condition and when it is within 2 – 4 day baby never improved, it immediately brought to the nearest hospital or consult a doctor

Squirt the warm olive oil do this when it is not visible to the liquid that flows from the ear or eardrum is not leaking. Do when the baby is sleeping for easy positioning it sleep sideways. After waiting for several minutes shed then  back. Don’t overdo it do this

Provide drinking water that is a lot of drinking lots of water can help open up the ear canal with infected so that the fluid that accumulates in the ear can flow

Don’t give medication carelessly Avoid giving drug free let alone drug doses loudly to the baby because the drug can give harmful side effects

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