Causes Of Brown Spots On A Child’s Teeth

Brown Spots On A Child's Teeth
Brown Spots On A Child’s Teeth

The habit of cleaning the teeth and mouth indeed needs to be conditioned since infancy, even since the tooth has not yet appeared. If it’s too late, it could be a lazy lazy children while brushing my teeth. As a result of damaged teeth, even the color of her teeth turned black


Teeth already blackened meaning already happened caries that triggers the cavities and will interfere with the function of mastication chewing system in children. When the system automatically interrupted food chewing interfere with absorption of food nutrients, causing the physical development and intelligence (IQ) not optimal

In addition, the damaged tooth will make the adult teeth be messy because the seeds of the permanent teeth will lose a guiding direction to grow. It could lead to the permanent dentition becomes jostling

For that reason, children should already be trained early on. teeth brushing Especially the children who have been consuming solid food. Since infancy, parents could train brushing my teeth with the use of warm gauze while after coming one to two years of age, the child was taught brushing your teeth without using toothpaste
Time front teeth children there are stains patches of colored milk chocolate trifle that can’t be lost, then the cause and also asked,  how do I remove stains the teeth?


Well, the Stains on the teeth “discoloration or stain” is a pigmented deposits on the teeth.  Kids are generally due to the cleanliness of his mouth and also bacteria. Meanwhile, the adults eating habits due to drink tea, coffee and tobacco also

Children’s dental stain color

• yellow or orange.

This type of staining due to poor oral hygiene-i.e. not teeth cleaning after eating or drinking milk. Well, this stain is on 1/3 servical the Crown gear on the front and also behind the Crown of the tooth. But, it can be cleaned how brushing your teeth properly. If your oral hygiene remain unattended resulting in stains will arise again and can also lead to plaque. It could even cause caries  left

• Brown or black.

Usually the most is on the lingual tooth front and back or a neck teeth. And a stain appeared because the pigment deposition of bacteria that exist in the pelikel coating of teeth. Brown or black culture could be eliminated by means of  polishing can be done is just a dentist.

  • Always keep your dental health and hygiene as well
    Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day that is after meal and before bed.
  • Use a soft brush hairy toothbrush and also the size of the corresponding age.
    3.-use of the toothpaste when brushing my teeth a child should be used if the child has been able to gargle or spitting. The thing to avoid toothpaste last ingested by children
  • The use toothpaste it actually is just create a helpful convenience as well  when brushing your teeth. For that matter, with or without toothpaste, for brushing teeth last done well and properly, then the result is the same.
    Clean the tongue and gums are also also must be done so the child finished the sucking and the evening before going to bed. Basically part of the tongue is indeed save the microbes so must be always cleaned teeth cleaning time
  • Eating nutritious foods are also high in protein and calcium for example; vegetables, fish, milk, meat, and fruits. Avoid or child cariogenic including eating food such as; food contains sugar, chocolate and candy so that it cannot happen to dental caries.
  • Avoid drinking milk bottle use while sleeping
  • It is very important to get used to the controls to the dentist since early childhood. The goal so that the teeth are maintained and also children so do not fear undergoing a routine Checkup or create treatment if there is a problem in his teeth. It is recommended that parents invite her son his first teeth to dentist teeth since the eruption accompanied the routine control of 6 months once

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