Carefully With Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching is considered to be one of the ways to improve confidence. There are many ways to try to whiten teeth. However, it turns out that not all effective way

Teeth bleaching can be done independently at home with a product that is sold freely. However, the results of these ways can be different on each person and save its own risk. In addition, although in need of funds is higher, your dentist can provide teeth whitening service with minimal risk and maximum results

Smiles adorned white teeth clean and certainly more unsightly. However, the brilliant color of the teeth may be lost along with the age, food, drink, or smoking habit.
A lot of how to restore the color of white teeth, including we can do yourself at home. We recommend that you first learn some dental whitening device and adjust to your needs

1. Teeth Whitening can be used on its own.
There are some teeth whitening products that are sold in pharmacies and can be used on its own. But there are some things that are worth remembering, related content of bleach in it that could be dangerous if the exposed gums. Active content in these products can lighten yellow teeth. As for the broad and deep stain should do at the dentist

2. Teeth Bleaching Devices (tooth-whitening kits)

dental whitening Device contains carbamide peroxide and commonly used to stain  enough in the surface of the teeth. If the color of your teeth changes because too often sipping coffee, this product can be used.  However, this product can change the color of the original tooth

In general, this product made from gel. You can use a small brush or a shelf that looks like a mold of teeth, to apply this gel. This device must be used every day 30 to 45 minutes, for a week.

3. Plaster bleach (home whitening strips)

This thin plaster, not clearly visible, and covered gel peroxide. Plaster can be used a few hours a day for a week or more depending on the stains on the teeth. The results will be visible in a few days and the longest one year after use. The result did no sedramatis whitening kits form the plaster products, yet very easy to use

4. Toothpaste is bleach.

Whitening toothpaste does not change the original color of the teeth. This device contains a light, chemical substances and capable of whitening teeth. It took long enough to get a brighter tooth color

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