Carefully use of tooth bleaching

Tooth bleaching is one of the treatments that can be done to make teeth whiter and brighter. The treatment uses teeth whitening is safe, when it was under the supervision of a dentist.

Teeth whitening is a procedure to lighten teeth by removing stains on the surface of the tooth

Discoloration of the teeth are generally caused by a drink that leave stains, such as coffee, tea, or wine. In addition, tooth discoloration can occur due to the habit of smoking, excessive fluoride usage, consumption of certain medications such as tetracycline, dental injury due to bumps, or thinning the dental email due to the aging process

Indications of tooth whitening tooth whitening can be carried by anyone who has yellow stains on his teeth, especially patients who have the condition of healthy teeth and gums, as well as not perforated.

Patients with sensitive teeth or gums should consult a doctor first before planning to undergo teeth whitening.
Allergy. Individuals who are allergic to peroxides (peroxide) are not advised to undergo teeth whitening

Methods of whitening teeth not just bleaching. Create a durable gear want to white in a longer period, there is a veneer procedures. Unlike the bleaching whitening dental veneer, natural color allows patients have sparkling white teeth always. ‘ his teeth overlaid or placed composite. So, the result is more durable and not affected food, depletes done with Veneer the teeth of the patient. ” For direct composite, tooth enamel be further eroded by approximately 0.5 mm. Newly installed composite.

Allergy. Individuals who are allergic to peroxides (peroxide) are not advised to undergo teeth whitening.
The problem of teeth and gums. Tooth whitening is not recommended in patients with the condition do cavities. Liquid bleach goes into the hole of the teeth can cause your gums to become sensitive. The patient should patch up the perforated teeth first before undergoing teeth whitening

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