Calculate the weight and height of your child’s ideal

Height and weight of the child could be a benchmark for physical growth in children. The growth happened so fast at the moment of childhood, especially infancy. Thus, monitoring the growth of children each month important done. May not be aware of your child’s height increases rapidly in childhood. That was only knee-deep, now that your child may have been as tall as you.

Growth in childhood can affect the growth and life of the children in the future.Shorter than children of older age will most likely have a shorter height in his adult life. This is because the height can describe the nutritional status in the long term.

In addition, monitoring the growth of children is also important so that you can help the children pursue growth if at any time a child is experiencing a growth slowdown. You as a parent can help a child’s growth by providing a good environment, such as
such as providing food nutritious and healthy for a child, make sure the child gets enough sleep, and familiarize children exercise.

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