Beware The Chipped Tooth Your Son !

Chipped teeth
Beware the chipped tooth your son

Our children’s teeth can be chipped tooth or damaged caused by some causes such as infection of the tooth so it makes teeth children off and then broke, clash or trauma that makes chipped tooth, the tooth impaction so the tooth broke, or biting hard objects. Handling is required for examination by a dentist

If the damage is not too severe can be done patching (filling) or the creation of new tooth Crown (crown) or sometimes known as the dental dental veneers or jacket. Before performing these actions also dentists will do the first treatments such as tooth root canal treatment (root canal) if broken or damaged teeth are more severe

Teeth actually has a very powerful network structure. However, the teeth can also be broken into smaller parts, cracked or chippedtooth. This can happen due to several reasons, including:

Biting something hard foods.
Hit by a punch in the face or mouth area.
Have dental caries that weakens the structure of the tooth.
Amalgam fillings has a large and long, so that it no longer supports the rest of the existing dental email.
Some things that can be done to prevent the occurrence of fractured teeth, among other things:

Do not chew on hard objects, such as ice cubes, the popcorn is not mature, biting a pen or pencil.
Don’t grind Your teeth and hard contacted.
If you hard contacted your teeth during sleep, call your dentist to get a retainer or a mouthguard to protect your teeth.
Use a protective mask or mouthguard when performing activities/extreme sports.
The tooth is cracked, how do I know
chippedtooth different symptoms, such as pain when chewing, erratic time of bite doesn’t hurt but the bite happened after removing the pain, and pain when the tooth is exposed to temperatures that are too extreme. In some cases, pain can be lost-arise. This will make the dentist check your condition trouble to find the teeth causes

The following types of complaints that occur and how to handle it: overcoming tooth cracked on the case cracked teeth, unfortunately there is no way you can do it yourself at home. In other words, you must immediately pay a visit to the dentist. Sometimes the tooth looks healthy, but will feel pain when there is a change in temperature in the mouth. Temperature changes in the mouth can occur due to factors of food or beverages consumed. If your teeth are  pain that occurs constantly, possible damage have reached parts of the nerves and blood vessels. This is a serious warning sign.

Resolve broken teeth if you have a broken tooth, visit the dentist as early as possible. This was done so that the dentist can immediately check whether the broken teeth caused by teeth or holes because of other factors can harm nerve of the tooth. Because, if the broken tooth nerve damage, then it takes care of the nerve of the tooth However, before you visit a dentist, some things you can do at home, among others: Gargle with warm water.
Press the area broken teeth with sterile gauze for about 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops (if any). If it doesn’t work, press using the tea bag to stop the bleeding.
Use a cold compress to the lip or cheek affixed adjacent to the broken tooth area. This can help reduce the swelling and reduce pain

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