Causes of Fever in Infants

There are myriad causes of fever that occurs in infants, ranging from a mild infection to serious. It is important for the parents to know what disease the son of fever is being sustained. The following 10 causes of fever in infants common characteristics, and how to resolve it:

1. Respiratory tract infections.

respiratory tract infections Diseases usually caused by viruses, bacteria or other organisms. Respiratory tract infections can spread through the air or touch. We could have contracted the infection when inhaling air containing mucus from people who suffer from sneezing or coughing.

Transmission of respiratory tract infections often occur in public places such as schools, daycare, work environment. Therefore it is important to keep clean in places.

Common symptoms of respiratory tract infection is coughing. But the symptoms that may arise thereafter is nasal congestion, nasal slimy, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, muscle aches to fevers. In infants and children the symptoms above can cause them no appetite, and it was difficult to sleep

For treating respiratory tract infections can do it yourself at home by taking medications such as pain reliever paracetamol. In addition the sufferer is highly recommended for a lot of rest and drink lots of plain water. The treatment is carried out at the time of the early symptoms of infection appears like a fever, nasal congestion, coughing and sneezing. In General, respiratory tract infections will heal within one to two weeks

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Fever In Children Enhances The Immune System

Fever In Children Enhances The Immune System

Everyone definitely hit a Fever in children. Researchers from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute found that a high body temperature can help the immune system work better and harder against the infected cells.

Body temperature indicates the ability of the child regulates the heat. The heat caused by the activity and metabolic processes. Heat setting is governed by the part of the brain called the hypothalamus

How fever in children occur?

“The fever is not comfortable, but this research report suggests that fever is part of an effective immune response,” John Wherry, Ph.d., deputy editor of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology containing this research.

Previously, researchers had thought that body is an attempt to inhibit the harmful microbes to breed. The study also shows that the immune system increases its functionality for a while when the body temperature is rising when Fever in children

The secret is in immune cells or lymphocytes called CD8 + cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte cell. is able to destroy virus-infected cells and tumor cells. The researchers found that the body temperature is high as in fever increases the number of cytotoxic CD8 + T-cells, indicating a stronger body’s response to infection.

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The Normal Body Temperature for Babies

The Normal Body Temperature for Babies

Baby’s growth period is a very important period. Many of the things that makes parents worry, one of which is a fever. Fever became a scourge because the presence of markers of disease and fever often fever develop into a bad state of affairs. But before getting to know fever, parents must first know the Normal Body Temperature for Babies

Body temperature indicates the ability of the child regulates the heat. The heat caused by the activity and metabolic processes. Heat setting is governed by the part of the brain called the hypothalamus.

Body temperature can be used as an indicator to find out the baby’s health condition. High body temperature can be one of the ways our bodies to fight infection. The normal infant body temperature is about 36 to 37 degrees Celsius. If the baby’s body temperature less than 36 degrees centigrade, infants need to warm up.

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Dengue Fever, Symtoms Causes and Treatments.

Dengue Fever, symptoms Causes and Treatments

Dengue fever
digital termeter for Dengue fever

Millions of cases of infection occur each year in Dengue fever. This condition can occur in patients with any age. Dengue fever is most abundant during the rainy season and after the rainy season in tropical and subtropical areas in South East Asia and Africa: China India Middle East Caribbean, Central America and South America, Australia, South Pacific and the Central Pacific

Whoever it is important to know the phase dengue fever because the disease can threaten the safety of those who suffer. The disease dengue fever is an infectious disease, with a very high amount in tropical countries.

Dengue fever.
the disease is an infection caused by the Dengue virus infection which has 4 types i.e., Den-1, Den-2, Den-3 and Den-4. The virus is transmitted through mosquito bites of Aedes egypt, which spread across the country. Dengue virus infections can strike anyone  kids as well as adults

Dengue fever can cause a leakage of fluid from inside the blood vessels so that one can shock. For it is very important for us, especially mothers who had children to know the phase of the dengue fever and signs of danger that may arise to prevent happening things that we don’t want

Signs and symptoms of Dengue Fever on phase.

The number of occurrences of infectious diseases is in our country is quite high, about 150 thousand people infected with this disease and dengue diseases every year always cause Extraordinary Events in several countries. After a patient of infection by the Dengue virus is a virus then it will evolve in our body without causing symptoms for 3 to 14 days. After this time then patients will occur 3-phase dengue fever as follows :


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How to know the Baby Fever Temperature

How to know  the baby fever temperature and how to measure correctly

Baby fever temperature
Baby fever temperature

For parents, it is important to know the normal temperature of babies so quickly realized our child when the temperature rises or your child suffered a fever

According to medical experts is actually a fever is not a disease, but a symptom of the disease. Fever arises when the body’s immune system work against a disease and to fight infections such as viruses or bacteria. However, some conditions when the Baby Fever Temperature rises on the baby to look out for and immediately consult a doctor

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Recognize the first symptoms of Baby fever

Baby Fever
Temperature of Baby Fever

Fever indeed worrying parents, however, recognize the first symptoms of fever in infants with this step.
Use the right thermometer to know temperature your Baby Fever.
If infants aged less than 6 months, use a rectal thermometer because the ear canal of the baby is still small so that the body temperature is inaccurate

How temperature a baby fever?

The American Academy of Pedriatics (AAP) States that the normal temperature in a baby that is between 36-38 ° C . Infants who experience fevers have a body temperature over 38 ° C Should call a doctor?
If baby fever under 3 months, contact your pediatrician as soon as possible.
Because of fever in infants aged 3 months down could mean serious infections, the AAP recommends that to go to the doctor if the baby was 3-6 month with a body temperature of 38 ° C or more
Well, according to Associations of Pediatricians (IDAI) Indonesia, a baby fever should be brought to a doctor if:
children Age less than 3 months without looking at the circumstances of the child generally children aged 3-36 months fever more than 3 days or there are signs of danger children aged 3-36 month with a high fever (≥ 39 ° c)
The child must consult to a doctor as soon as possible if found signs of danger as follows: Not responding or hard-raised or breathing difficulties can not move lips, tongue and claws appear bluish hollowed out of eyes. There stiffness in Neck Pain head great abdominal pain or vomiting there is a rash or spots like purplish-colored bruises did not want to eat or drink and look too weak to drink continuously Crying

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The influence of Games Online for kids

The development of technology makes it easy for children to access  informations that they want very quickly through the internet connections. The online game is one of that can be accessed by children easily. Gameonline is a game that connects the players via an internet connections. Online game development can not be separated from the development of the game from generation to generation. The first generation of the game was the Atari 2600, This game is a great game that release year 1977 better known as VCS (Video Computer System),. then again the second generation game comes with the Atari 7800 in 1986, and then the third generation appears again NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The fourth generation is a playstation game to current generation i.e. online game that comes with internet connections such as counter strike game, age of empires, the clash of clans, and others

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Calculate the weight and height of your child’s ideal

Do you often take your child every month to her height was measured and weighed?

Although impressed not so important, it is important especially for children up to the age of 5 years. With weigh and measure children’s body high every month, you get to know your child’s growth. Then, what is the ideal height and weight of the child?

Ideal weght and height for your kids


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How To Prevent Obesity

Most obesity sufferers are indeed on children in the developed world, but lately the number of sufferers in Indonesia is increasing rapidly. Obesity and overweight in children under 5 years of age has become epidemic in the last 25 years in the world.

The increasing cases of overweight among children aged under five years, increased to 14.2 percent from the previous year 2010 12.2 percent in the year 2007.

“Children who are their parents obese or overweight , approximately 50-80 percent would also be overweight. Children and adolescents who are overweight will also obesity in adulthood, “said dr. Indrarti Killed, a specialist in sports medicine, educational media event “Yuk Main di Luar” held by Nuvo Family and Ngobras Forum in Jakarta

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Safe Ways to Lose a Child’s Weight

Safe Ways to Lose a Child’s Weight

Many of the efforts we do to help reduce our child’s weight in a safe way if our children are overweight, maybe also by following a diet program but experts,  generally said  that it is not the best method.

Obesity expert and professor of the sychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University said to always follow effective research studies that have been researched.

To help children who are overweight, you can try to change your habits family’s diet and lifestyle.

Many methods have been developed by experts at CDC, HRS, and AMA, and have been reviewed by 15 other professional organizations of health

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