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Why is your child too late could talk?

Too late could talk is the issue most often complained of parents towards the child. Generally children are late to talk can be caused by many factors, such as the development of the disorder factor talk, hearing impairment, intellectual disability or because of the lack of communication from parents

A child is classed a child late talk if he was up to 2 or 3 years but yet can also speak fluently or can only utter words pieces only

The following is the cause of the son of late talk that you should know, including:

– -Have hearing problems When children have difficulty in hearing, automatically it causes difficulty imitating children, understand, and use the language. Hearing problems in children is usually caused by ear infections

Child brain development barriers slow talk, usually there are disorders of the oral-motor areas in the brain that results in deficiency of relations in the area of the brain that serves to generate talk. This condition can lead children trouble using lips, tongue, and jaw to produce sound
The existence of a problem too late talking Children’s descendants could also be influenced by heredity. Although there has been no research that can attest to its truth, but it’s usually a slow child talk turns out to have a family history of misbehaving

Do you know the cause of bad breath children

Bad breath or Halitosis is oral health problems marked with an odor that comes from the oral cavity. Not only in adults, the condition can also occur in healthy children. There are various causes of bad breath in children. Generally, bad breath occurs when bacteria that reside in the teeth and mouth builds up sulfur compounds, which are released by the bacteria make breath becomes unpleasant. Sometimes, bad breath are temporary and do not disturb. However, the bad breath in children can also be a sign of the presence of health problems your child must soon get special handling.

Causes of bad breath in children to look out for here are some of the causes of bad breath in children to look out for: specific diseases. Chronic sinus infection is one of the diseases that can trigger bad breath in children. It is a condition when the liquid accumulated in the sinuses can flow back into the esophagus and the back of the tongue

As a result, the mucus that may be food for the bacteria resident mouth. The remains of the metabolism of the bacteria will produce gas that smells. A sign of a chronic sinus infection among others often have coughs and colds, nasal mucus is colored green, and looks easy to get tired. Some of the other diseases that can cause bad breath in children is tonsillitis or tonsillitis, allergies, digestive disorders, and some types of cancer. Diseases of the gastric acid in children, disorders of intestine, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, post-operative gastric and colon, can also cause unpleasant breath odor. In some cases, bad breath is also a sign of a serious illness such as pneumonia, bronchitis, diabetes to liver and kidney problems.
Disorders of the teeth. Cavities, tartar buildup and dental abscess can also be the cause of bad breath in children.
Foreign bodies in the nose. Other causes of bad breath in children is the presence of a foreign object, such as a piece of food, beans, small toys or even stuck on the nose. This often occurs in children or toddlers often carelessly enter objects into the mouth or nose.
Oral hygiene was bad. Bacteria that live in the mouth of a child will interact with particles of food scraps that are present in between the teeth and gums, tongue, or on the surface of the tonsils in the back of the throat

It can cause bad breath, especially if the rest of the food is piled in long period.
Dry mouth. When conditions are dry mouth (xerostomia), the production of saliva will participate. While the saliva needed to neutralize the acids in the mouth, damming, produced by plaque, and wash away dead cells that accumulate on the tongue, gums, and cheeks. If it is not washed, these cells can cause bad breath

Dry mouth can be a side effect of various drugs, trouble in the salivary glands, exhale through the mouth. When experiencing nasal congestion conditions, generally children will breathe through the mouth, and the condition causes the bacteria to proliferate and cause bad breath in children.
Food. Spicy foods and foods that smell and taste that have stung, like onion and garlic, can also cause bad breath in children.


Know the symptoms of your child’s teeth healthy

Oral CARE on a regular basis is a major component in keeping a healthy smile and bright. Healthy teeth can really change the mindset became more positive, and not only improve the health of your mouth but also your body.

There are a few criteria that could show if your teeth including healthy or not

The top of the tooth remain intact. There are no holes or grooves that make it feel rough when touched.
Free plaques. White teeth and no stains here and there as well as free from plaque is one sign of healthy teeth.
Do not shake. For children, the shake is a sign if she will get bigger. But for adult teeth shake equal to the problem. Healthy teeth it is strong and will not shake one bit

There is no gap in between the teeth. The position of the teeth always meeting and berhimpitan, but none other than stack. If your teeth are a mess better soon addressed to confidence when smiling wide.
Fresh breath. Bad breath could be unpleasant omen if teeth are problematic. Not only that, the not fresh breath means mouth filled with bacteria and germs which must be immediately cleaned up

Children often tooth pain

Children often tooth pain. Be it due to cavities, swollen gums, or due to gum sores. These conditions cause a fuss, so children would not eat, and make you worry. Well, that tooth pain quickly healed, the children should also be given medication toothache. However, what kind of tooth pain medicine that is safe for the fruit of the heart? Check out his review here

List of medication for a toothache is not suitable for all drugs taken by children, one of them a cure toothache. So, you need to be attentive to the cure which is appropriate to the age of the child.

Medication pain reliever for toothache is usually safer to use for children, drink appropriate doses and is not used for a long period. Some of those toothache medicine, among other things:

1. Acetaminophen (paracetamol) ibuprofen source: NBC News this medication is used to reduce the pain of mild to moderate due to the toothache, headache, back pain, or hectic. Toothache can cause symptoms, such as pain in the teeth and gums, headache, and fever. Well, luckily the symptoms can be alleviated with acetaminophen

2. Ibuprofen.
Tooth pain remedy source: Drug Free just like acetaminophen, ibuprofen is also often used to relieve pain due to dental pain, headaches, and arthritis. This medication works by preventing the body’s production of a substance that causes inflammation. In addition to pain, this drug is also capable of reducing swelling when a tooth pain.

This medicine can cause side effects, such as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, dizziness and drowsiness. If after taking the medication, the child became

child becomes stiff neck feeling or disorders of the hearing, further examination immediately to the doctor.

3. dental pain medication Naproxen Source: Very Well Mind if no paracetamol or ibuprofen, naproxen be given child. This medication can reduce pain and swelling due to dental pain

The workings of the drug is the same as ibuprofen, namely preventing inflammatory substances produced by the body. The side effects of this drug are abdominal cramps, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and pain in the solar plexus

The Influence Of Gum Disease

The mouth is a very suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and teeth give the place on bacteria to stick to. When the bacteria stick and harden, then will form plaque that can cause inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and bleeding
Offered from Health Line, a Director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Periodontologi at the same time Director of the UAB Dentistry Wellness Clinic, Nico Geurs, DDS, said that oral health and dental in fact reflect the status of the the health of the body as a whole. A dentist can detect disease in just by looking at the symptoms and changes appear on the mouth and teeth

Therefore, doctors may refer to a specialist doctor who specializes in diseases associated with it. There are five dangerous diseases which can be detected via the health of teeth and gums

Thus, in addition to the dentist for routine checks of oral health, it’s also important to always diligent brush your teeth twice a day (morning and night before bed). Subtract also the consumption of sugary foods and drinks.

1. Diabetes.

Diabetes affects a person’s ability to fight bacteria that can cause infection of the gums. Gum disease can also affect the control of blood sugar in the body. When diabetes is not controlled, not only of glucose in the blood that increase, but also in the glucose saliva. Saliva containing high sugar causing bacteria grow easily in the mouth

2. Heart disease.

As reported by the from the Mayo Clinic, many studies have shown a connection between disease periodontitis with increased risk of development of heart disease and blood vessel (cardiovascular). If it is known to have chronic gum disease, the risk of hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) in the neck can be increased.

3.The leukemia cells.

What to do dental and mouth with blood cancer? Thus, childhood leukemia or blood cancer can cause teeth to become more sensitive and ached. This happens because the dentin that protect the teeth and cause tooth erosion is eroded. In addition, sufferers of leukemia cells can also be prone to bleeding and swollen gums.

4. Crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s disease, one of which is of ulcerative colitis is a disease that causes inflammation of the lining of the entire digestive tract, from the mouth to the anus. If the dentist finds the existence of open wounds that are difficult to heal and happens repeatedly can be one sign of Crohn’s disease.

5. Diseases of stomach acid or GERD.

Gastric acid reflux (GERD), also commonly called ulcers appear due to irregular eating patterns. This causes stomach acid to rise and erode the tooth enamel and dentin. Stomach acid up into the throat and mouth may be diluting the tooth enamel and dentin layer thus making the sensitive teeth, especially in the area of the back teeth.


Beware The Chipped Tooth Your Son !

Chipped teeth
Beware the chipped tooth your son

Our children’s teeth can be chipped tooth or damaged caused by some causes such as infection of the tooth so it makes teeth children off and then broke, clash or trauma that makes chipped tooth, the tooth impaction so the tooth broke, or biting hard objects. Handling is required for examination by a dentist

If the damage is not too severe can be done patching (filling) or the creation of new tooth Crown (crown) or sometimes known as the dental dental veneers or jacket. Before performing these actions also dentists will do the first treatments such as tooth root canal treatment (root canal) if broken or damaged teeth are more severe

Teeth actually has a very powerful network structure. However, the teeth can also be broken into smaller parts, cracked or chippedtooth. This can happen due to several reasons, including:

Biting something hard foods.
Hit by a punch in the face or mouth area.
Have dental caries that weakens the structure of the tooth.
Amalgam fillings has a large and long, so that it no longer supports the rest of the existing dental email.
Some things that can be done to prevent the occurrence of fractured teeth, among other things:

Do not chew on hard objects, such as ice cubes, the popcorn is not mature, biting a pen or pencil.
Don’t grind Your teeth and hard contacted.
If you hard contacted your teeth during sleep, call your dentist to get a retainer or a mouthguard to protect your teeth.
Use a protective mask or mouthguard when performing activities/extreme sports.
The tooth is cracked, how do I know
chippedtooth different symptoms, such as pain when chewing, erratic time of bite doesn’t hurt but the bite happened after removing the pain, and pain when the tooth is exposed to temperatures that are too extreme. In some cases, pain can be lost-arise. This will make the dentist check your condition trouble to find the teeth causes

The following types of complaints that occur and how to handle it: overcoming tooth cracked on the case cracked teeth, unfortunately there is no way you can do it yourself at home. In other words, you must immediately pay a visit to the dentist. Sometimes the tooth looks healthy, but will feel pain when there is a change in temperature in the mouth. Temperature changes in the mouth can occur due to factors of food or beverages consumed. If your teeth are  pain that occurs constantly, possible damage have reached parts of the nerves and blood vessels. This is a serious warning sign.

Resolve broken teeth if you have a broken tooth, visit the dentist as early as possible. This was done so that the dentist can immediately check whether the broken teeth caused by teeth or holes because of other factors can harm nerve of the tooth. Because, if the broken tooth nerve damage, then it takes care of the nerve of the tooth However, before you visit a dentist, some things you can do at home, among others: Gargle with warm water.
Press the area broken teeth with sterile gauze for about 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops (if any). If it doesn’t work, press using the tea bag to stop the bleeding.
Use a cold compress to the lip or cheek affixed adjacent to the broken tooth area. This can help reduce the swelling and reduce pain

Identification, prevention, and Treatment as the restoration of dental caries in children

The identification of the criteria of high risk for children include one or more of the following
dental caries: caries, early email on multiple areas (white spot lesion), the plaque visible on
the anterior teeth, the picture shows the radiographic caries high titer against email,
Streptococcus mutans (SM), the use of orthodontic, and the presence of hypoplasia of the email
Other children can be incorporated into high risk are children ever done application fluorine topically, children who consume confectionery and food cariogenic more than three times a day, mothers with caries-active, children with the needs specifically, and conditions that interfere with the composition and flow of saliva

Prevention there is strong scientific evidence to the effect that in order to prevent caries, there are several factors that must be changed, i.e. diet, oral hygiene, fluorine and fisur silen.
2 the environment of the oral cavity in fluid. It is caused by biofilms biofilm community which fluctuate constantly, but it can be manipulated so that it becomes a healthy oral environment by way of restoring the balance in the oral cavity

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The Hygiene of the oral cavity.

Oral hygiene is an oral treatment with or without the use of an antiseptic to meet one needs personal hygiene. In a simple Oral hygiene may use clean water, warm and mature. Oral hygiene can do together at the time of the other body hygiene care such as bathing, brushing my teeth

Oral Hygiene (oral hygiene) is implementing the hygiene of the oral cavity, tongue from all the dirt/food scraps by using gauze or cotton swab moistened with clean water

Teeth and mouth are members of the body that are often exploited by bad bacteria to cause various health disorders. However, some people still ignore the importance of maintaining cleanliness of the body. Are you one of them?

If Yes, we recommend you immediately fix the bad habit. This is because the oral hygiene is not maintained properly can cause a variety of health disorders:

– Inflammation of the gums.

In dentistry, Gingivitis is called gingivitis. This is a condition when the gums look swollen and have a more red color than usual


Marked by the appearance of the blood at the time of brushing your teeth. This condition can arise due to the presence of plaque and Tartar that stick and accumulate on the gums

Gingivitis will get worse if not immediately dealt with appropriately. The condition can lead to more severe complications, that periodontitis gum inflammation that causes serious damage to soft tissues and bone supporting the teeth.

-Dental caries.

Caries is the emergence of a hole in a tooth caused by bacteria. This disease is a disorder of the oral cavity are the most common among the public

Dental caries have to overcome, by patching or pull teeth, depending on the conditions. If not, the holes gradually arise will be more spacious and deep, so that it can damage the teeth and cause infection in the tooth root canal.

-Sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth caused by the decline in the position of the gums. This circumstance can occur due to the habit of toothbrushes, dental caries are not addressed properly, broken teeth, and tooth bleaching process side effects

Sensitive teeth can cause dull pain dental complaints, rheumatic pain, or feel pain, especially when food or drink cool.

-Bad breath.

Bad breath or halitosis is generally derived from the health of the oral cavity are not maintained properly. This condition can also occur as a result of cavities, tartar buildup, or wearing of dentures that are not cleaned regularly

Whereas, if you are typical of people who are very health and hygiene of the oral cavity but still having bad breath, it could be the condition caused by systemic diseases that cause obstruction of the respiratory or digestive system.


Almost every person never had thrush. You too, isn’t it? Yes, disorders of the oral cavity of this one could happen to children, adults, the elderly even though

Thrush is caused by a declining body endurance, injuries of the mouth due to accidentally be bitten, the wearing of dentures is not appropriate, as well as lack of supply of vitamin B 12.

Thrush generally could disappear within 2 – 3 weeks. If frequent repetitive or don’t recover in time more than a month, you should immediately saw a doctor

That’s some of the health problems that can happen if you don’t keep clean teeth and mouth thoroughly. Though seem trivial, in fact the above complaint can interfere with Your enjoyment while eating and activity. If you do not want to experience it, begin to preserve the health of the oral cavity from now on.

Carefully With Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching is considered to be one of the ways to improve confidence. There are many ways to try to whiten teeth. However, it turns out that not all effective way

Teeth bleaching can be done independently at home with a product that is sold freely. However, the results of these ways can be different on each person and save its own risk. In addition, although in need of funds is higher, your dentist can provide teeth whitening service with minimal risk and maximum results

Smiles adorned white teeth clean and certainly more unsightly. However, the brilliant color of the teeth may be lost along with the age, food, drink, or smoking habit.
A lot of how to restore the color of white teeth, including we can do yourself at home. We recommend that you first learn some dental whitening device and adjust to your needs

1. Teeth Whitening can be used on its own.
There are some teeth whitening products that are sold in pharmacies and can be used on its own. But there are some things that are worth remembering, related content of bleach in it that could be dangerous if the exposed gums. Active content in these products can lighten yellow teeth. As for the broad and deep stain should do at the dentist

2. Teeth Bleaching Devices (tooth-whitening kits)

dental whitening Device contains carbamide peroxide and commonly used to stain  enough in the surface of the teeth. If the color of your teeth changes because too often sipping coffee, this product can be used.  However, this product can change the color of the original tooth

In general, this product made from gel. You can use a small brush or a shelf that looks like a mold of teeth, to apply this gel. This device must be used every day 30 to 45 minutes, for a week.

3. Plaster bleach (home whitening strips)

This thin plaster, not clearly visible, and covered gel peroxide. Plaster can be used a few hours a day for a week or more depending on the stains on the teeth. The results will be visible in a few days and the longest one year after use. The result did no sedramatis whitening kits form the plaster products, yet very easy to use

4. Toothpaste is bleach.

Whitening toothpaste does not change the original color of the teeth. This device contains a light, chemical substances and capable of whitening teeth. It took long enough to get a brighter tooth color

Orthodontic Treatments

There is still the wrong view about the braces. For example, there is still a presumption brace are accessories that can be bought everywhere.

Whereas braces are health care and are part of Orthodontic Doctors experts who can address the issue forward or messy dental is the dental Orthodontic Specialists.

Physician experts who can address the issue of advanced dental or messy dental Orthodontic specialists are more surprising still is the existence of a trust purchase the braces offered online

Install or function there are two kinds of orthodontic treatments to aesthetics and returns a function that is not normal. On the arrangement of the teeth forward on the upper jaw or lower jaw, teeth, teeth that are not regular rift cause smiles less attractive so that the impact on the emotional side that is not being confident. In addition to the teeth that do not neatly cleaning process difficult so it will cause cavities, gum disease can even cause tooth off

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