How To Prevent Obesity

Most obesity sufferers are indeed on children in the developed world, but lately the number of sufferers in Indonesia is increasing rapidly. Obesity and overweight in children under 5 years of age has become epidemic in the last 25 years in the world.

The increasing cases of overweight among children aged under five years, increased to 14.2 percent from the previous year 2010 12.2 percent in the year 2007.

“Children who are their parents obese or overweight , approximately 50-80 percent would also be overweight. Children and adolescents who are overweight will also obesity in adulthood, “said dr. Indrarti Killed, a specialist in sports medicine, educational media event “Yuk Main di Luar” held by Nuvo Family and Ngobras Forum in Jakarta

Obesity occurs due to excessive fat buildup thoroughly under the skin and other tissues in the body of your child.

In Indonesia, obesity has also been classed as a disease because it shouldn’t be allowed. According to dr. Titi, obesity is a fat that is not funny anymore because children are at risk of experiencing complications of the disease. Fat deposits in the body is to be one of the risk factors to the emergence of a variety of diseases, no exception for your sons

The risks faced by childhood obesity include hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, bone growth disorders, asthma, sleep apnea, and depression due to feel inferior.

In girls, obesity also causes premature puberty. These conditions will trigger a variety of other disorders, including osteoporosis, until the height tends to be short.


Characteristics of natural child is moving. Since birth, he moves while learning to face-down, crawling, and walking. Indeed only the larger natural pattern restricts parents often these children and would prefer if his son was silent, “said dr. Titi.

For that he invite a parent in order to cultivate the habit of actively moving again.

Kids do physical activity can be done in stages, ranging from mild, moderate, to severe. In children, they advised 60 menit  doing physical activity

we have to always tries to give an example of a pattern of healthy eating and physical activity on both her son.

“Activity outside the home has become a mandatory activity in our family. Lucky now we stay in Bali so much outdoor activity that can be done, ranging from hiking, to the beach, or playing kites, “he said.

According to dr. Titi, parents must be actively involved principally physical and activity is fun for the children

Safe Ways to Lose a Child’s Weight

Safe Ways to Lose a Child’s Weight

Many of the efforts we do to help reduce our child’s weight in a safe way if our children are overweight, maybe also by following a diet program but experts,  generally said  that it is not the best method.

Obesity expert and professor of the sychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University said to always follow effective research studies that have been researched.

To help children who are overweight, you can try to change your habits family’s diet and lifestyle.

Many methods have been developed by experts at CDC, HRS, and AMA, and have been reviewed by 15 other professional organizations of health

how to lose weight for kids, Follow the steps below and efforts to get healthy lifestyle.

1.  Children at the age of growth are better to maintain their weight, than reduce them. make your child will be able to grow with his current weight in a healthy manner.

Reducing calories in children at the age of growth to lose weight is not a good idea, except for instructions from a doctor.

2. Get used to a healthier lifestyle. Be a cheerleader for your family, and still be fun, exciting and positive. Then motivate your spouse or child, to help your family keep giving positive energy even if it’s alone

3. Eat together. eating in front of a TV, or allowing your family to set their own meal schedule is very tempting, try to find time to eat together, at least 5-6 times a week. A study shows that children who often eat with their families are less likely to become obese.

4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. how many fruits and vegetables does your child eat. Your target should be for your child to eat 5-7 meals per day. Place fruits on the table, or place vegetables that are ready to be eaten on a plate covered with plastic and store in the refrigerator. One easy way to encourage your child to eat fruits and vegetables is to make them more visible.

5.  Eliminate sugar-containing drinks. Ask them to drink a glass of water every time they want to eat. You must change habits and get rid of sugar-containing drinks. If they usually drink 4 glasses of sugar-containing drinks per day, try to convert it to 3 glasses per day. Then the next week 2 cups per day, and so on.

6.  Limit drinking 100% fruit juice because it contains lots of sugar. fruit juice has more vitamins, minerals. But 100% fruit juice also contains lots of sugar and calories. Don’t drink too much calories. Limit 100% juice to no more than 8 ounces per day.

8. breakfast every day becomes a habit. If you are in a hurry, then choose items that can be taken, for example bread or something else according to your favorite food

9.  Less time to watch TV, a maximum of 1 hour per day. do physical activity. make a list of activities that he likes and can do instead of watching TV. To help your child stay motivated to exercise

10. When eating restaurant, help your child to choose healthier foods. Choose foods that are most similar to their original condition.

after 4 to 6 months these change Continue reading “Safe Ways to Lose a Child’s Weight”

Healthy Ways To Gain Weight For Kids

Many children are overweight, because not all are overweight is not good for children, but there is the best approach that must be considered to increase the child’s weight consists of a combination of dietary changes, be sure to always consult a doctor if you suspect the child is experiencing underweight.

What causes its . Just like some adults, many children have a naturally slender body and are difficult to gain weight. However, you should find out the cause of difficult children to increase their weight.

Children do choose to choose food. However, if your child does not appear to be appetite, this may indicate a medical or psychological problem. Hormone or metabolic problems such as diabetes or an overactive thyroid gland sometimes inhibit weight gain.

Gastrointestinal problems may make children feel uncomfortable when eating. Food undiagnosed allergies are also possible. Many medicines can reduce appetite. So, consider this possibility if your child uses certain drugs.

prepubescent children can also experience eating disorders due to certain factors such as pressure

Children may also be active so that their bodies burn more calories than they consume.

Consult with a pediatrician. check your health regularly, your pediatrician may inform you that weight gain is needed for children’s health. However, if you are worried about a child’s weight, don’t hesitate to discuss this problem with your family doctor

As is known, allergies to certain foods, gastrointestinal problems, and various other health problems can cause children to be underweight. Pediatricians can help you diagnose and resolve the problem.

Although most of these problems can be overcome by making changes at home, the doctor’s advice will always be useful.

Follow special recommendations for babies. Care for babies who need to increase their ideal body weight is certainly different from toddlers. Fortunately this problem is rarely caused by serious things. The causes of babies underweight in general are breastfeeding techniques, breast milk production, or problems in the Gastrointestinal.

Always consult a doctor if you are worried that your baby is underweight. Your doctor may recommend checking for the baby,

Weight gain at an early age is very important for long-term health. So, a child’s weight loss must always be treated with proper medical care. Below average weight gain can almost always be overcome and not have a long impact.